Unions: 'Stinky Infestation' on ME Democratic Party

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The Unions are a "STINKY INFESTATION" on the Maine Democratic Party
Mon, 12/10/2012 - 4:52am

This quote comes from a couple of telephone interviews I've had with Rep. Terry Hayes (D-Buckfield). It is the title of a column I've submitted to the LSJ (no word from the yet). The Ellsworth American has accepted a column entitled "Absolute Obedience" (publication date not yet known) another of Terry's phrases.

The Buckfield rep. has not been absolutely obedient, so the union panjandrums called around the Democratic caucus to block her bid for the Speaker's gavel. They did not call to promote Mark Eves, only to thwart the selection of a disobedient candidate. She got a 100% AFL-CIO rating last year, but this was not enough.

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