What is your favorite Christmas Song?

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Roger Ek
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What is your favorite Christmas Song?

In 1956 our chorus had a Christmas concert. We wanted to sing The Little Drummer Boy because it was new. The chorus director said it wasn't traditional and scratched it from the program. After the concert most of us went out onto the steps of the town hall. It began to snow and we sang The Little Drummer Boy despite our grouchy chorus director. The crowd loved it.

On Christmas night in 1969 I was in a hamlet in the Mekong Delta. After dark somebody began to sing Silent Night. Soon many joined in. Then the river boat crews down on the river bank joined in. The Vietnamese crews joined in with their language. It was special. Then it was quiet as though we were just waiting for the mortar rounds to resume. The whole night stayed quiet.

Those are my two favorite Christmas songs.

Moving Forward
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Since the Christmas

Since the Christmas decorations are out in the stores and the songs are beginning to play on various radio stations, I hope it's not too early to bump this thread back into life... and IMO, here's a GREAT rockin' Christmas tune/video by Randy Bachman and Beverley Mahood - "Taking Care of Christmas"

--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Opn2XXcybo

Turn up the volume really loud and enjoy!!!

Happy Holidays to all.


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