When tolerance isn't...

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When tolerance isn't...

Once you start questioning the dogma...


...it's Stalinism again.

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'I should not have to

'I should not have to VALIDATE my queerness': Nico Tortorella's wife Bethany Myers reveals she was branded a 'disgrace to the gay community' because she is bisexual


" , , In her Instagram post, Bethany explained that as she and Nico headed to the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday, she received a comment from a person calling her 'a disgrace to the gay community'.

'Not the first time I've heard comments like these and the hurt cuts deep,' she wrote.

'Especially since they don't know me or how I have struggled with my queerness and gender identity over the years . . "

The new out. Not outed as gay but out-gayed.

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And they say it isn't a

And they say it isn't a mental illness....

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