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John: You shouldn't complain

John: You shouldn't complain, it is the nature of the economic system your government employs. Be thankful they don't follow the Constitution which stipulates they have the power to tax to pay the debts of the government. By careful manipulation of the tax code, it is the working stiffs in the middle of the income stream who would be paying for all this unconstitutional government charity. Instead, they just print more money and give it to the banks to distribute through loans that are usurious.

Robert Reed
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Single payor like Canada?

Single payor like Canada? Where gas taxes make it over a dollar a gallon more? $1.254 this past weekend per litre, times 3.785 litres in a gallon = $4.746 per gallon, times exchange rate this weekend of .81 = $3.84 a gallon American dollars...now add in massive lodging, restaurant and general sales taxes...this is what socialized medicine and big government do - they spend

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You're question is incorrect, since it ignores that providing universal service by definition is inefficient.

Take the Post Office, for example. It MUST provide service to any and everyone that asks for it, no matter how much burden it places on the system. But UPS can refuse to deliver packages to customers so far off the normal route that they are unprofitable. UPS pays the Post Office to deliver them.

Universal health care/insurance is no different. Yet somehow Medicare functions.


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