"Why so socialist?"

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"Why so socialist?"

Obama Joker

My only regret is that I didn't do this first....... Gettin' stale-- I have to get back to Photoshopping...

Source: Link from Drudge Report titled "Obama Joker Poster Popping Up In Los Angeles..."

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As funny as the appearance of

As funny as the appearance of the poster is, this attempt at art is frightening: (ed. to add CAUTION - Click at your own risk) Obama Naked with Unicorns.

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The ears are all wrong.

The ears are all wrong.

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I've been waiting for

I've been waiting for something like this...

Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson is calling the depiction, politically mean spirited and dangerous. Hutchinson is challenging the group or individual that put up the poster to have the courage and decency to publicly identify themselves. "Depicting the president as demonic and a socialist goes beyond political spoofery," says Hutchinson, "it is mean-spirited and dangerous." "We have issued a public challenge to the person or group that put up the poster to come forth and publicly tell why they have used this offensive depiction to ridicule President Obama."


I'll pass on viewing "Obama and Unicorns." I want to eat today....

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I wonder what old Earl had to

I wonder what old Earl had to say about the Atlantic Monthly.

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Hypocrites. George W. Bush:
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The Obama Joker $1000 Video

The Obama Joker $1000 Video Contest

For those not familiar with it there is a website that it quite interesting:

[url=http://www.infowars.com/]ALEX JONES INFOWARS[/url]

It is devoted to givng the reader a perspective not found in the msm. He has a radio show on weekdays.

Alex is promoting the Obama as Joker Video Contest. He is asking folks to download and print out these posters, put them up around town in suitable places and video the results as the libs tear into them. $1,000 to the best video sent to his website.

Alex posted a video on youtube yesterday announcing the contest. Youtube took it down citing "community standards of good taste". I have seen lots of crap on youtube and did not know that they had any such thing as "taste". Alex has attacked back this morning. First an explanation of Obama as the Joker:

..." The white face — and clowns usually hide their faces under white makeup (it is called “clown white”) — has nothing to do with an attempt to portray Obama as a white person. It’s about Obama as the Joker, and not necessarily the Joker played by the late Heath Ledger. In 2009, the office of the president is nothing if not a wholly owned subsidiary of the international bankers. In fact the whole of Congress is owned by the banksters and their corporate minions, a fact the liberals consistently miss or are incapable of understanding mostly because many of them are beholden to foundations established by the same bankster elite"....

And then this morning:

..."Red Alert! Infowars under direct attack by Obama Brownshirts"...

..."People in opposition to Obama’s policies are now being beaten up in the streets everywhere and the White House has unleashed tattle tale squads to flag and report dissenters. We have now been directly censored. Even we are shocked"....

It's almost unbelievable. I take Alex with a grain of salt just like I do Elrushbo. However what the White house and O supporters are doing is unprecedented in my 62 years.

Read the whole [url=http://www.infowars.com/red-alert-infowars-under-direct-attack-by-obama-... here!


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Since NewsBusters and the

Since NewsBusters and the Drudge Report first introduced America to the Obama Joker poster -- with help from talk radio host Tammy Bruce, of course -- most media outlets have speculated the artist was likely white, conservative, and racist.


As reported by the Los Angeles Times moments ago, the up-until-now anonymous creator of the poster sweeping the nation is a 20-year-old college student of Palestinian descent with largely liberal political leanings.

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