Wildlands and Woodlands Report Calls for Forest Land Conservation

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Bob MacGregor
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Wildlands and Woodlands Report Calls for Forest Land Conservation

Here's a link to the report released yesterday by the folks at the Harvard Forest in Massachusetts, written by a group of educators, researchers, consultants and others about the future of New England's forests and wild lands.

The gist of it is a call to action to work towards a goal of maintaining 70% of New England's forests in "conservation" that allows and promotes timber production as one of it's main goals.

Other goals include removing some lands permanently from development and timber production, in "preservation" status.

There are some interesting facts and figures, one being that currently (only) 10% of land in New England is "developed", and this plan would leave room for up to 20% to be developed. While it doesn't sound like much, a doubling of land in development is a pretty big change, although it would likely take decades to ever grow that much.

And while for a long time, Maine has been regaining forest land that was previously in other uses (mostly agriculture), the report also points out that for the first time in a very long time, New England is actually losing forest land over all.

I read the report and it seems like a well reasoned outline of ideas to maintain our forests in good working order while leaving plenty of room for growth.

I am sure others will read it and reach different conclusions.............

[url=http://www.wildlandsandwoodlands.org/] The report is available here[/url]