Winterseed in Maine

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Roger Ek
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Winterseed in Maine

This weekend we have a Winterseed in Maine. That's an Appleseed in Winter conditions. Earn your Rifleman patch in winter conditions and you earn a blue, white and black patch with icicles hanging off the bottom. This will be conducted in real winter conditions since we have another storm coming for the weekend. It will be like George Washington's battle of Trenton.

Project Appleseed teaches history and marksmanship. That's all we teach. We teach about what happened on April 19, 1775 at Lexington and Concord when we sent the Redcoats back to Boston empty handed. How did a bunch of farmers, blacksmiths and ministers defeat the most powerful army in the word? Marksmanship. In addition to the story we teach our shooters how to take a rack grade rifle and reliably hit a 20 inch square target at 500 yards.

After April 19, 1775, the British were never able to leave Boston by land again. They sailed out to sea and went to Nova Scotia and Long Island. It's an amazing story and it is not taught in most schools today.

Monmouth, Maine. 8:30 AM both days. dress warmly. This is a Maine winter weather event.